Water and Nutrition



water and nutrition

Water is essential for human life and nutrition. It forms a major components of every body cell and organ.

Functions of water include:

- Regulation of body temperature

- Transporting oxygen and nutrients through the blood

- Removing waste through urine and faeces

- As lubrication for our joints

- As a major component of our body fluids (as mucus and tears)

- Giving cells shape and stability



- When you are out always carry a water bottle. You can always freeze some freezer safe water bottles and have it with you for ice cold water.

- Always prefer water to sweetened beverages and drinks.

- Serve water with meals. Always go for water even when eating out.

- If you need to make it more exciting add slices of lemon, cucumber or watermelon to your water.

- For a refreshing low-calorie drink add a splash of 100% juice to plain ice water.

- If you do choose a sugar sweetened beverage select a small size.

- Try to be a role model to your family and friends

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